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Energy Efficiency

uPVC windows and doors are energy efficient - Another benefit of uPVC windows and doors is that they will be extremely energy efficient into your home; uPVC windows and doors have better insulating properties than that of traditional Solid Wood windows and doors. Due to the fact uPVC windows and doors will fit better when installing them, there are no draughts. Saving this sort of energy makes uPVC windows and doors environmentally friendly and because of the energy saving aspects of it, you will gradually notice you will be spending a bit less on your cooling or heating bills.

Recent developments in the double glazing industry now means double glazed windows can be rated the same way as white goods, such as fridges can. This simple scheme allows windows that have been put through a rigorous testing process to display a rating from A – G with an A rating being the best.

In simple terms,Flexwindows reflects the heat to help keep your home cool. Excellent insulation qualities ensure that ‘cold air loss’ through your windows is kept to a minimum. Both of these functions result in your cooling bills and energy consumption being dramatically reduced.