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Roto Frank was established in Germany in 1935 by Wilhelm Frank and became the first company to
produce tilt and turn fittings on an industrial scale. This innovative approach set the theme for the company’s future and provided the foundations for Roto Frank to develop from a one-man operation into the multi-national organization of today.

Throughout its history, Roto Frank has been renowned for creating effective solutions for door and window hardware that suit the needs of the varied international markets in which the company operates, providing fabricators and installers with products that are easy to fit and add real value to their own product ranges.

Roto’s reputation for innovation is matched by the company’s engineering expertise and commitment to
ensuring that products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and durability, all vital factors in delivering the reliability and functionality that place Roto hardware at the forefront of the industry.

Excellence in the design and manufacture of hardware is supported by complete focus on the needs of our customers; wherever you find Roto hardware, you can be sure that it is backed up by dedicated expertise in its application to assure total satisfaction.

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