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Full-course service

It is a key factor for us to implement current technical innovations in the service field, to ensure a more streamlined service experience. Flexwindows puts an overall standard serving system into place, which completely incorporates the before- mid- and after-sale service procedures. We are operating our service in a way that offers the customer the same great quality that they get from our products. Our belief is that a product can only be perfect if the sum of its parts in the overall corporate structure represents this standard. We can create this standard by providing a high-quality service experience that can truly serve customers based on their individual needs. Instead of detracting from the quality of our products through a bad service-experience, we are adding to the overall quality of our corporate entity as a whole through a great service-experience that can truly satisfy and represents the values of our corporation.


During the Pre-Sale Phase we will work together with you to determine your requirements and needs to find the product that is most suited for you. Once you have provided us with the plans of your project, we will work closely with our architects to specify the right product for you. Any questions and worries on your side will be addressed immediately. If necessary, a more detailed and cost-free consulting service is offered that gives you a briefing on more advanced technical data by a technician. In this Phase it is essential for us to provide the customer with a perfect product recommendation.


In this Phase, we will further communicate with the clients, present them the best design scheme and start the production of our high-quality goods. Following this the goods are promptly delivered to the designated place. The installation staff is then assigned to provide the customers with various technical services that are required at the site of installation, such as re-measurements. The installation can be coordinated with other subcontractors to provide the perfect fitting. Regular tour-inspections are performed to avoid any man-made damage.


After the product installation is complete and the products are checked and accepted, the after-sale service stage is entered. Our after-sale objective is “Superior quality shouldn’t fade out over time”. We therefore continue with our superior service to ensure a long-lasting satisfaction when it comes to our products. The After-Sales Service Department handles any questions the customer might have.