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Tilt and Slide Window

The Tilt & Slide Double Glazed door is for the consumer that desires a sliding window with a difference! Put our visionary ideas to work in your home utilising a space saving design, which incorporates a ventilation opening, and their size and style allows for plenty of light.


Versatility. Practicality.

  • Closed Position

    Tilt & Slide windows and doors provide great
    security for your home through multiple locking
    points operable from just one handle. Key
    locking mechanisms are available for this
    system, allowing for even greater security
    and better home insurance premiums.

  • Tilted Position

    Your Tilt & Slide window or door can be
    tilted inwards for ventilation whilst
    still being secure enough to prevent
    break-ins. The outside air is channeled
    through the sides of the window/door,
    while hotter air that rises escapes
    through the top.

  • Slide Open Position

    To fully open your window or door all you
    have to do is slide it to the side, giving
    you complete access to your garden or
    balcony. The superior roller system allows
    the door to move smoothly and with little effort.

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