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Thermal Insulation

Flexwindows even keeps air-conditioned rooms totally independent of the weather conditions - for comfortable life.

The thermal efficiency of the Flex uPVC profile is its main advantage.Flexwindows is a 60mm, three chambered system accommodating either single or double glazing up to 32mm. As a result of the German-engineered design of the Flex uPVC profiles, the energy-saving compared to other traditional window systems is conservatively calculated at 35%.

Flex'swindows and doors are durable and resistant to ultra violet rays. Flex's uPVC profiles will not become brittle, discolour or flake over a period of time.

The windows and doors require little maintenance. They do not need to be sanded, oiled, painted or have new putty applied. PVC is an ideal polymer for recycling and thus has a long life cycle.

Furthermore, uPVC windows and doors have sound dampening characteristics and improved security performance. REHAU window profiles carry a 10 year guarantee against product failure and are fully supported through a network of Authorized Partners.

Flexwindows and door systems provide a straightforward and cost-effective way of meeting both market and legislative demands for energy efficient buildings.

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